Xactfloors Inspection Services


  • Damage Assessment

    Determination of damage and cause.

    We'll document the problem and use industry resources to analyse the data in a detailed and comprehensive flooring inspection report. 


    Report Example


  • Repair Options

    Repair versus replacement options.

    If a reasonable repair method exists, we'll explain the pros and cons, and provide an accurate cost analysis.

  • Material Matching

    Material matching and like kind and quality comparisons.

    We'll start with a closest like kind and quality product with price, if available. Just to make sure, we can order a carton of the recommended material, deliver to the loss, and provide photo documentation of a comparison between the recommended material and the existing floor.

  • Xactimate® estimate and flooring report

    Estimate for repair, replace or both.

    Includes a detailed flooring inspection report based on accepted industry standards. Accurate restoration estimating for repair, replacement or a comparison of both. 


  • Quality Restoration Work

    Xactfloors can perform work as estimated. 

    We are licensed and bonded and are ready to provide services as outlined in our estimates. Scheduling limitations may apply, but all Xactfloors estimates are written so that we, or other reasonably priced restoration contractors can perform repairs as estimated. If unforeseen circumstances require a revision to an Xactfloors estimate, those revisions will be provided at no additional charge.

  • Save Time and Money

    Thousands of flooring inspections since 2007.

    $225 – Orange County or one hour travel time from Anaheim.

    $300 – Over one hour travel time from Anaheim.





Please include Insured’s name, phone number, address and email if available, claim#, and if an Itel is needed include date of loss.

Please also include areas and material to be inspected along with any pertinent details such as emergency service findings and areas of concern.