What’s Included with a Flooring Inspection? 

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Every Xactfloors flooring inspection includes a detailed flooring inspection report and an accurate Xactimate® flooring estimate. (Example Report)
  • Flooring inspection report includes (where relevant):
    • Determination of cause.
    • Repair options.
    • Material matching suggestion.
    • Like kind and quality with retail price.
    • Project time-line.
    • Suggestions regarding livability and contents during restoration.
  • Xactimate estimate includes:
    • Estimate for accepted industry standard repair.
    • Comparative estimate for replacement (if needed).
    • Estimates for alternative repairs (if needed).

Specializing in flooring damage assessment, property damage estimating, material matching and repair versus replacement recommendations. Our services include:

  • Industry standard Xactimate® estimates.
    • Fast and accurate estimates using the property insurance industry’s standard estimating software.
    • Save time and money with a detailed estimate prepared by a certified flooring inspector.
    • Honest comparative estimates supported by accepted industry standards.
  • Estimates are supported by detailed and honest flooring inspection reports.
    • Experience as a trusted flooring expert with the property insurance industry.
    • Thousands of estimates, evaluations, reports and material matching recommendations at the request of California property insurance adjusters.
    • Water related versus pre-existing damage assessments.
    • Applied industry standards from the National Wood Flooring Association, North American Laminate Flooring Association, Tile Council of North America and the Marble Institute of America.
  • Material matching.
    • Hundreds of thousands of dollars saved in preventing total flooring losses by successfully matching flooring materials and providing accepted industry standard repair options.
    • Countless hours saved by both property adjusters and policy holders by identifying best matching material available, resulting in expedited repair versus replacement decisions.
  • Moisture testing.
    • Concrete slabs.
    • Wood flooring and sub-flooring.
    • Moisture test results compared to industry guidelines from the National Wood Flooring Association, North American Laminate Flooring Association and the APA-Engineered Wood Association.
  • Expert Flooring Installation.
    • Accepted industry standard flooring repairs and replacements.
    • Water loss experience and knowledge of best practices to prevent new flooring from failing in the future due to residual moisture.
Xactfloors Water Damage Flooring Experts Orange County CA

Email an inspection request to: dave@xactfloors.com or call 714-274-3027.

  • Property Adjusters:
    • Flooring inspection, flooring inspection report including material matching opinion and Xactimate© estmate – $200 in Orange County and neighboring LA, Riverside and San Bernardino county areas. $300 for other areas, low Desert, high desert and as far west as Calabasas. Other areas individually quoted.
    • Material matching services are included with inspection report unless material purchase is needed or a more detailed material search is requested.
  • Homeowners:
    • Local inspections are free and include a verbal assessment. An Xactimate® estimate and detailed flooring inspection report are also free if Xactfloors performs restoration work.
    • If no restoration work is performed, same fee structure as above.
    • Fees are waived if Xactfloors is contracted to perform restoration work.

Xactfloors uses industry standard Xactimate® estimating software for our flooring estimates but we are not affiliated with Xactware® Solutions Inc.

CSLB lic# 1004718

North American Laminate Flooring Association certified inspector.

Passed flooring inspector training conducted by the National Wood Flooring Association for CCA Global’s Wood Refinishing Network.

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