Why Use Xactfloors? 

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Xactfloors Answers Questions:
  • Industry standard support for repair or full replacement?
  • Can this hardwood floor be sanded and finished?
  • Why do these tiles sound hollow?
  • Can natural stone flooring be matched?
  • How much is this flooring material worth? Is this Itel report accurate?
  • What are the continuous areas? Should the staircase and upper level be included?
Xactfloors Saves time:
  • Honest assessment of flooring damage using accepted industry standards.
  • Material matching questions answered.
  • Detailed scope of work provided.
 Xactfloors Saves money:
  • No unnecessary line items.
  • Accurate square foot measurements.
  • More floors repaired instead of being replaced.

Xactfloors inspection reports and estimates save both time and money by eliminating unnecessary line items and square footage. Accurate like kind and quality material recommendations help reduce over payments for material. Not only can costs be substantially reduced on full replacement settlements, Xactfloor’s material matching service can be the difference between a simple repair and a large loss. Also, even if a material match ends up falling short, a payment can be supported by an honest material match having been attempted and properly documented.

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