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Inspection Date: 3/31/2017

Report Date: 4/1/2017



Opinion: Hardwood/laminate/tile/stone flooring should be repaired/replaced.


  1. Statement of Problem: Flooring was damaged due to water intrusion.
  2. Physical Description: ½’ x 5” prefinished Brazilian Tigerwood engineered hardwood flooring installed glued down to an on-level concrete slab foundation. Flooring has a smooth factory finish and a thick wear layer veneer. Flooring was installed in 2009.
  3. Continuous Floor: Total hardwood flooring area is 1245 square feet; damaged area is approximately 135 square feet.
  4. Assessment of Damage: Approximately 35 square feet of hardwood flooring was removed prior to my flooring inspection; another 100 square feet has delaminated and should be removed.
  5. Findings:
    1. Material appears to have been manufactured by ACME Hardwood Floors. The product was discontinued in 2012 according to a customer service representative at ACME.
    2. Similar Brazilian Tigerwood flooring is available from Standard Floors. Product matches in both dimension and wear layer thickness.
    3. Brazilian Tigerwood (Koa) hardwood is photo-reactive and darkens in color when exposed to sun light. Replacing only the missing and damaged hardwood flooring planks will result in a repair that does not appear uniform. It will be necessary to sand and finish the continuous floor after the missing and damaged hardwood flooring planks have been replaced.
    4. Flooring has a 3.5 mm (4/32”-5/32”) wear layer that can be sanded and refinished (10b).
    5. Factory finish is in poor to fair condition with approximately 2/3 of its usable life remaining. ACME Hardwood Floors claim that its factory finish will not wear through for 25 years (10d). An on-site finish should withstand 15 years of normal use before needing to be re-coated.
  6. Conclusions: Damaged area can be replaced with material from Standard Floors but the continuous floor will need to be sanded and finished so that the repair will appear uniform (10a). A material sample comparison between the ACME Hardwood Flooring Product and the Standard Floors product confirm that samples available for comparison are compatible. Due to possible lot variations, It is recommended that one carton of Standard Floors Brazilian Koa be purchased so that the most current material lot may be verified compatible.
  7. Recommendations: Remove remaining damaged hardwood flooring, and replace with matching flooring from Standarfd Floors, then sand and finish continuouis floor. Flooring will appear light in color due to the removal of material that had been affected by sunlight exposure, but it will darken in color over time, usually 6 months to 2 years. Repairs should take 12 to 14 working days. Insured will have limited access to living areas during that time.
  8. Testing: Moisture was tested using a Delmhorst BD-10 invasive moisture meter (10c).
  9. Material Matching: Standard Floors Natural Collection, Brazilian Koa. Retail price 9.89 per square foot. Material stock is available from local suppliers as of 3/31/2017.
  10. Industry Standards:
    1. From the National Wood Flooring Association’s publication “Installation Guidelines” ©2007 pages 17 and 18: “Individual wood flooring boards can be repaired/replaced in solid, engineered and parquet products without affecting adjoining boards.” “Replacement boards do not have to be from original manufacturer, as long as tongue and groove profile match as well as width, edge profile, cut and grade”
    2. From the National Wood Flooring Association’s publication, “Sanding and Finishing Guidelines” © 2007 page 1: “Generally, if the wear layer thickness is less than 3/32”, the floor should not be sanded.”
    3. Regional moisture data from the National Wood Flooring Association’s publication, “Wood Flooring Installation Guidelines and Methods” © 2012 page 20.
    4. ACME Hardwood Floors warranty, from the ACME website.
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Wear layer is over 3/32” thick.  Moisture content is normal.
David Fitzpatrick Certified,

National Wood Flooring Association,

CCA Global Wood Refinishing Network