Xactfloors solves flooring problems

Flooring is not cheap. Floors get damaged.

When floors get damaged, all sorts of questions arise:

Is my floor really damaged? Will the damage go away? Can it be repaired? What will happen if I leave it alone? Can the floor be matched and will a repair look like a patch-job? How much will this cost? How long will it take to get my house back to normal?

After years of looking at damage floors, I have found that when a floor is damaged, what people really want are honest answers.

Xactfloors is built upon a foundation of trust. Thousands of flooring inspections, estimates and expert opinions really come down to trust: ask a question and get an honest answer.

Xactfloors provides expert opinions, comparable estimates, like kind and quality material matching and benchmark pricing, and quality flooring restoration work.

Our basic service includes:

  1. On-site flooring inspection.
  2. Detailed flooring inspection report.
  3. Comparable Xactimate® estimate(s) for repair, replacement or both. Different options with benefit and cost analysis can be compared.
  4. Material matching, like kind and quality comparisons and on-site matching comparisons with photo-documentation and professional opinion regarding material compatibility and uniformity.

Our goal with every flooring inspection assignment is to provide answers to questions. Answers to questions that are listed on the assignment,  and questions that are likely to come up. Understanding a flooring loss comes with experience.

This experience was gained through years of researching questions when assigned the task finding solutions for property insurance flooring claims. Thousands of them over the years, and most of these claims were water related. There are lots of things that can happen to a floor, but more often then not, the culprit is water.

The challenge with water damage is that most times, floors become damaged without some sort of epic water related event, (the kind of damage that homeowner’s insurance is likely to cover), but the damage is usually related to moisture in one way or another. There are all sorts of ways a floor can get wet. The trick is figuring out where the moisture came from.

On-site experience is backed by national associations and industry leaders. Whenever possible, accepted industry standards are interpreted without bias and applied to Xactfloors findings.

Knowing the facts of a flooring loss saves time and money for everyone involved. Xactfloors inspection reports and estimates more than pay for themselves on most flooring claims, and can help prevent waste, fraud and unnecessary cost on many others.

Dave Fitzpatrick