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Matching and Repairing Old Oak Flooring Part 2 – Dark Stain

In part one, we took a 50 year old white oak floorboard and used it along with three new white oak boards to make a sample board, then … Read More

Matching Old Oak Hardwood Flooring For Repair

I hear a lot of differing opinions regarding matching new oak hardwood with old oak hardwood flooring, so we did an experiment using a 50 year old white … Read More

Damage to Natural Stone Floors

Common Problems with Natural Stone Floors and Their Causes Natural stone is an extremely durable flooring surface, and is far more resistant to water and wear than just … Read More

Hollow Sounding Tile

Hollow Flooring Tiles and Water Story usually starts out like this: “my tile floor got wet and now it sounds hollow when I tap on it,” and “it … Read More

Laminate Graphics

MATCHING A LAMINATE GRAPHIC PRINT When trying to match a laminate floor, the first thing one might look at is the print, or the graphic. the graphic is … Read More

Laminate Flooring Basics

Laminate flooring basics. Types of laminate flooring. Styles, construction and value. Types of laminate flooring. There are two major categories of laminate floors, high pressure (hpl) and direct … Read More

Engineered Hardwood Flooring Water Damage

Identifying common engineered hardwood flooring water damage Like solid hardwood floors, damage to engineered hardwood floors can be the result of either a one time water event or an … Read More