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Report Example

Flooring Inspection Report     Dave Fitzpatrick dave@xactfloors.com Tel: 714-274-3027 CSLB 1004718   Insured: John Smith 1235 Main Street Anaheim, CA, 92806 Claim # 1234567 Carrier: Inspection Date: … Read More

Why Use Xactfloors? 
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Xactfloors Answers Questions: Industry standard support for repair or full replacement? Can this hardwood floor be sanded and finished? Why do these tiles sound hollow? Can natural stone … Read More

Request a Flooring Inspection
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Email inspection request to: admin@xactfloors.com Services for property adjusters: Flooring inspection, flooring inspection report including material matching opinion and Xactimate© estmate. (Example Report) $250 in Orange County and neighboring … Read More

What’s Included with a Flooring Inspection? 
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Every Xactfloors flooring inspection includes a detailed flooring inspection report and an accurate Xactimate® flooring estimate. (Example Report) Flooring inspection report includes (where relevant): Determination of cause. Repair options. … Read More

Xactfloors Inspection Services
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      EMAIL dave@xactfloors.com WITH INSPECTION REQUEST. Please include Insured’s name, phone number, address and email if available, claim#, and if an Itel is needed include date of … Read More